Common Thermostat Issues

October 22, 2019

Ken Parker Service, Inc. has been serving Greenville and all of Northeast Texas for more than 40 years. Our team has dealt with many thermostat issues during those four decades, so let us look at the most common issues area homeowners face and how to handle them.

Bad Location

Thermostats should be centrally located within a home if you have one unit or within a zone if you have a zoned system and multiple units. If your unit is not centrally located, readings can be off by a degree or more. Too much sunlight through a window or being too close to a register are other location issues that can also cause inaccurate readings.

Nonoptimal Programming

Computerized thermostats have made a big difference for many homeowners in this region. But programming can work against you if not set correctly. We strongly recommend smart thermostats, which can notify you of potential problems and continue to refine your settings over time. For basic programmable units, it may help to have a professional assist you in dialing in the settings.

Dust Accumulation

No matter how well-designed a thermostat is, dust can and will accumulate over time. We recommend that whenever homeowners inspect their filters that they remove the cover from their thermostats and inspect them as well. Dust can lead to bad readings, so clean any dust buildup out gently, and you can use a thin sheet of paper to get in between contacts, coils, and other fine components.


A common problem among thermostats that use mercury is that they must be level, and even some newer thermostats have this requirement as well. If you have such a unit, we strongly recommend upgrading to a less fickle solution. In the meantime, use a level to evaluate the thermostat and correct the positioning.

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