Do Split Systems Heat and Cool?

February 10, 2020

Homeowners who desire an economical and energy-efficient way to heat and cool their rooms will want to investigate split systems. Split systems are a great solution in homes where temperatures can vary dramatically from room to room. They’re also a good choice for areas that aren’t used very often.

What Is a Split System?

A split system is a single wall-mounted unit that sends conditioned air into a room. It can be used as a heater and as an air conditioner. The indoor equipment is linked to an outdoor unit called a condenser. In most cases, there’s no ductwork required to deliver the conditioned air into the room. All electrical lines, drain lines, and refrigerant conduits are directed outside the home to the condenser.

Where Should I Use a Mini-Split?

Mini-splits are ideal for single rooms added onto existing floor plans. They’re also a great option for home offices, guest rooms, or any space where a cost-effective solution is desirable. A mini-split allows the heating and cooling of a room without making expensive changes to an existing central or packaged temperature control system. Ken Parker Service, Inc. can provide you with professional installers to handle your mini-split installation in Greenville. We can assist you with the design of a system that works for your unique needs.

Benefits of a Split Unit

Split units are an efficient way to heat and cool indoor air. Installing one is a noninvasive process that requires no connection to your central or packaged system. Heated or cooled air is delivered right to a room without the cost of heating or cooling the whole home. Plus, there is a wide range of configurations that can be used, including floor, wall, and ceiling installations. Some models may have additional features, including a humidifier, sleep settings, and fan-only options.

Ken Parker Service, Inc. can help you solve all of your home heating and cooling problems in Greenville. We’re factory-trained and NATE-certified and can update, replace, and improve your current system. We can also take on commercial projects and indoor air quality tasks. Call us today for more information!

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