What To Do If My Furnace Keeps Running

November 10, 2019

A furnace is supposed to shut itself off when a home has been heated to a certain temperature. However, there are instances when a furnace will not turn off even if there is no reason for it to be running. Here are a few things that you can do to get it to stop.

Turn Down the Temperature on the Thermostat

You may be asking the furnace to heat your home to an unreasonably high temperature. In some cases, the furnace is simply too small or old to meet your heating needs. Therefore, it may be necessary to set the thermostat at or below the current room temperature. This should tell it to stop creating and blowing hot air throughout the house.

Change the Fan Setting to Auto

If a fan is not set to auto, it might continually blow air throughout the home whether it has been asked to or not. This can cause cold air to be circulated throughout the house, and it can also result in significant damage to the furnace itself. It may take several minutes for the fan to stop blowing after you have made the change.

There Could Be an Issue With the Furnace’s Electrical Connections

Your furnace could have a loose, frayed or otherwise malfunctioning wire or connection preventing the system from turning off. There may also be a problem with the thermostat’s wiring, and that could result in the furnace receiving a continuous request to generate heat. Electrical problems can be resolved with the assistance of professionals from Ken Parker Service, Inc. in Greenville. If the problem cannot be fixed, it might be best to install a new thermostat or furnace in your home.

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