Common Misunderstandings People Have About Summer AC

August 18, 2021
Frozen AC in Greenville, TX

Over the years, a lot of misunderstandings have developed about air conditioning. Many commonly repeated “facts” are not actually true at all. Understanding the truth behind these myths can help you cool your Greenville home more efficiently and comfortably.

If You Shut Off Your AC, It Costs More Money When It Has to Cool Down the House

This myth started because of a misunderstanding about how an AC unit works. Some people think that if the air conditioner has to cool a house by a drastic amount, it will run harder and suck up a bunch of extra electricity. However, in reality, AC units always run at the same speed and power level. They just run longer when they need to cool a residence more. Ultimately, the length of time it takes to cool your home several degrees is less than the amount of time it would take to run the air conditioner for hours while you were at work. Therefore, you will save money if you stop your cooling system from running for a couple of hours.

You Should Turn Off Your Air Conditioning Every Time You Leave the House

As you can see, it will technically save money to shut off your AC unit. However, this does not necessarily mean it is a good idea. In certain climates, it can get so hot without air conditioning that it can cause damage to your electronics, home furnishings, or pets. To protect your home, it is a good idea to set your thermostat around 82 degrees. This is warm enough that the AC unit will barely run, but it will kick on occasionally to keep your house out of the danger zone.

It Is Normal to Hear a Few Loud Noises Every Now and Then

If you are used to hearing a big bang or a squeal every time your system turns on, it becomes easy to ignore. However, the reality is that even very old air conditioning systems should still be mostly quiet. If you are hearing any noises besides a gentle hum, it is a good idea to get your equipment checked. These sounds could be a sign that something is wrong.

You Do Not Actually Need Maintenance for Your Machine

When it comes to HVAC maintenance, many people assume it is a scam. With some predatory companies selling unnecessary services, it is no surprise that you might be wary. However, cooling maintenance is actually useful. During a maintenance appointment, a technician will clear away any buildup that keeps your equipment from running efficiently. They will also examine your system closely so that they can catch small issues before they become pricey repairs. While you do not need maintenance multiple times a year, getting a tune-up before your AC unit runs all summer is a good idea.

It Is a Good Thing If Your AC Only Runs a Couple Minutes Before Shutting Off

When you hear your AC unit click on and turn off a few minutes later, you might think you are saving money. However, pay close attention. If this keeps happening, your system is doing something called short cycling. Short cycling is a sign of an oversized AC unit, and it puts added wear and tear on your system. In addition to making you need more repairs, it is also bad because it keeps your air conditioner from running long enough to remove humidity. This leaves your home feeling sticky and muggy.

You Should Use the Highest Rated Filter You Can Find

If you are trying to be a responsible AC owner, you are probably attempting to switch out your filter on a monthly or bimonthly basis. However, take a close look at the filters you use to see if you have been tricked by a common myth. AC filters have MERV ratings that tell you how much debris the filters remove from the air. A high MERV rating sounds like a good thing that will clean your air better. However, newer, extremely high MERV filters can actually cause problems. If your AC unit’s blower fan is not equipped to suck air through such a small filter, you might use more power. To operate your system efficiently, check the manual and only use filters within your unit’s specified range.

Interested in learning more about how air conditioners work? Ken Parker Service, Inc. in Greenville, TX, is here to assist with your summer cooling needs. Our team can help you with repairs, installation, and maintenance. We offer those same services for heaters as well. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment.

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