Questions First Time HVAC Buyers Should Ask

May 11, 2020

If you’re thinking about installing an HVAC system, you probably have a few questions. In the world of heating and air conditioning, there have been advancements in comfort and energy efficiency. Before you buy, you need to know all the aspects of your potential unit. Here are some essential questions that you should be asking as a first-time HVAC buyer.

What Do I Need to Know?

With the right HVAC system, you can keep your home comfortable throughout the year. It also plays a vital role in maintaining your indoor air quality and humidity levels. A new system will allow you to create a healthy and safe space for your household.

The average lifespan of an HVAC system is around 10 years. That timeframe will depend on the quality of your equipment and the upkeep of its maintenance. If you have equipment over a decade old, you may have noticed that it works harder to keep you cool or warm.

Homeowners have a variety of reasons to buy an HVAC system. For some people, they are not happy with their units and want a more energy-efficient model. Other people are looking to reduce their carbon footprints with a modern, eco-friendly home comfort system. No matter your reason for purchasing an HVAC system, you will have some questions and concerns about the entire process.

What HVAC Equipment Should I Buy?

Before you start purchasing equipment, you need to know the size of your home. You don’t want to get equipment that may be unnecessary. When you buy the right size equipment for your home, you will have a unit with optimal efficiency and maximum longevity. If you purchase an air conditioner, blower, or furnace with an improper fit, you might have the burden of paying more for operating costs and repairs. When you have a professional HVAC company come to your home, you can be assured they will find the right fit for you. You never have to worry about purchasing the wrong equipment. You can find an HVAC system that will meet your needs.

What Are Ratings?

If you have been looking at HVAC units, you might have noticed a few rating systems. For air conditioners, there is the SEER rating, and furnaces have their own AFUE ratings. Some of these systems might even be Energy Star rated as well. In any case, a higher rating means that the system is more energy-efficient. For those who are more eco-conscious, these systems are perfect for you. Many energy-efficient HVAC systems have a higher upfront cost, but those energy savings will save you money. You want to take time to compare these units so that you can choose the highest rated one that will support your budget.

How Do I Heat My Home?

Depending on the model, the furnace in your HVAC system can be heated in several ways. Many furnaces use electricity, oil, or natural gas to operate the system. At this point, it is your personal preference to find the best match for your home. You will want to compare these fuel sources and find one that will fit into your budget.

How Much Will a New HVAC System Cost?

The cost of your HVAC system will depend on several factors. If you have a spacious home, you can expect to pay more for a system. Some fuel types are more expensive than others. For those purchasing high-end equipment, you will spend more than those buying cheaper products. When you’re ready for a new HVAC system in your Greenville, TX, home, schedule a consultation with Ken Parker Service, Inc.. We can help you find the right HVAC system for your home.

Do I Need Maintenance?

Maintenance is vital for the operation of your HVAC system, and you never want to put it off for another day. Your HVAC can break down or show signs of inefficiency without proper maintenance. In turn, your equipment will start to fail at a higher rate than ones with regular maintenance. On top of that, you might even be voiding your warranty without scheduled maintenance.

We Can Help With Your HVAC System

If you’re in the market for an HVAC system in Greenville, Ken Parker Service, Inc. is here to assist you. For more than 40 years, the community has counted on us for high-quality service on residential and commercial properties. Our team can help with heating, cooling, and indoor air quality issues.

When you need service in your Greenville home, contact Ken Parker Service, Inc..

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