Tips for Cleaning a Window AC Unit

May 20, 2022
Window AC in Greenville, TX

Before the start of summer, prime your air conditioner to work efficiently and effectively with a cleaning. If you have a window AC unit, it can go through a tough beating having sat outdoors. Mold and mildew can grow, so you want to ensure the AC unit is cleaned and maintained for proper function during warmer weather. The process to cleaning the window AC unit is simple. It starts with a few household materials and the unplugging of the unit from the electrical outlet.

Materials Needed to Clean a Window AC Unit

  • Mild soap or detergent in a bucket of warm water
  • Sponge or cloth for wiping down surfaces
  • Spray bottle filled with a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution
  • Fine-tooth comb
  • Vacuum with soft brush attachment
  • Safety gloves

Remove the Filter From the AC Window Unit

Cleaning the air filter is a process that should be done monthly for the air conditioner to run effectively and efficiently. There is generally a panel at the front of the unit that may be removed to access the filter. Check your AC unit’s instruction manual for specific location information. Once the filter is removed, use a vacuum with a soft brush attachment to remove the debris. When the filter is debris-free, soak it in warm soapy water and then rinse it clean. Set it aside for drying before placing it back into the AC unit. Remember that AC air filters may need to be replaced every few months (depending on usage), but new models may also have an indicator light to inform you when the filter needs a replacement.

Wipe Down the Exterior Surfaces of the AC Window Unit

Soak your sponge or washcloth in the soapy warm water, then squeeze it dry to wipe down the exterior of the AC window unit. Don’t forget to also wipe the crevices and gaps where air blows out of the unit. Removing dust and dirt on the surface will help maintain the AC unit’s condition and its function.

Clean the Fins and Coil of the AC Window Unit

While cleaning the filter and surface is recommended more frequently, the fins and coil are recommended for cleaning semiannually. To clean this area, you will want to put on safety gloves because the aluminum fins can be sharp. Take a fine-tooth comb and carefully go through the aluminum fins to remove any dust and dirt build-up. This process requires extra care and attention because you don’t want to bend any of the fins. If a fin is accidentally bent or found bent, carefully move it back to where it belongs. Follow it up with vacuuming in the directions of the fins to prevent damage.

Clean and Drain the Window AC Unit Tray

Use a cloth or sponge to absorb and wipe down any debris or standing water found in the drain tray at the bottom of the unit. Set the tray to dry before reassembling parts.

Spray the Window AC Unit With Hydrogen Peroxide

Spraying the surfaces of the window AC unit with a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution helps prevent mildew and mold growth. It is particularly beneficial for areas where the air blows out of the unit because there can be water condensation. We know that moisture is a key component to mold growth. After wiping the surfaces with the solution, let it dry before turning on the window AC unit.

Other Tips to Maintaining the Window AC Unit

When the window AC unit is not in use for a long period like the off-season, have it removed from the window and stored properly. This will prevent unnecessary dirt and debris build-up on the unit. Air conditioning units typically work 8 to 10 years before needing a replacement.

Cleaning a window AC unit is a fairly simple process, however, air conditioners can have issues that will require professional HVAC service. Ken Parker Service, Inc. has offered quality heating and AC services in Northeast Texas since 1977, specifically servicing the Rockwall and Hunt County communities. Call Ken Parker Service, Inc. today if you need AC or heating services including AC repair, AC installation, AC maintenance, commercial services, duct-free systems, ductwork, heating repair, installation and maintenance, indoor air quality services, gas furnace services, new construction, or replacement parts. We even offer financing, coupons, and online scheduling. Give us a call today!

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