Understanding the Differences Between Air Purifiers and Dehumidifiers

February 15, 2022
Air Purifiers and Dehumidifiers in Rockwall, TX

When it comes to maintaining comfortable indoor air in your Greenville home, there are several elements involved. While many people immediately think of the temperature of the air as the most important thing, other elements play a major role. Specifically, the cleanliness and moisture content of your air can make a big difference between a comfortable and an almost unlivable home. Fortunately, there are devices designed to improve and control these facets of indoor air. Check out this guide from Ken Parker Service, Inc. to learn more about how to make your home a more enjoyable place to live.

Keeping the Air Clean

The job of keeping your air clean falls largely on an air purifier. Although most people simply rely on their HVAC system’s air filter to keep the air clean, a devoted air purifier can do the job much more effectively. Many air purifiers feature three different stages of filtration to capture various types and sizes of indoor contaminants. The right air purifier can remove dust, pollen, odors, viruses, and countless other problematic particles that negatively affect your home’s indoor air quality.

Keeping the Air Dry

When you turn on your air conditioner, you may not realize that one of its main jobs is to remove humidity from the air. That’s because drier air feels cooler on the skin, thus, making your home more comfortable in the summer. Sometimes, though, you need to remove excess moisture from your home year-round. For that job, Ken Parker Service, Inc. recommends installing a dehumidifier. A dehumidifier works similarly to an air conditioner in that it draws warm air over cold metal tubes to remove moisture from the air. The advantage of a dedicated dehumidifier, though, is that it doesn’t change the temperature of the air, meaning that you can operate it year-round. Removing excess moisture can help to prevent mold growth and keep your home comfortable when the humidity is unusually high.

Working in Tandem

Of course, air purifiers and dehumidifiers work best when they work together. An air purifier is often the first stop for air so that the air is as clean as possible as it moves through the rest of your HVAC system. Then, depending on the application, either the dehumidifier or the main HVAC system will be the next piece of equipment in the chain. With the right HVAC equipment from Ken Parker Service, Inc., you’ll be able to enjoy perfectly conditioned air without any loss in air volume to the various rooms in your home, resulting in optimal comfort.

Different Types of Devices

Although Ken Parker Service, Inc. typically installs permanent dehumidifiers and air purifiers in line with other HVAC equipment, other variants of these devices are available. For many homeowners, a portable air purifier makes sense to place in a room with a higher concentration of contaminants, such as a kitchen. Other homeowners will place a portable air purifier in the nursery to ensure that their baby breathes the cleanest air. Portable dehumidifiers are common additions to basements because small leaks in basement walls often contribute to higher humidity levels. Of course, if you have a space that doesn’t have coverage from your main HVAC system, a portable unit may be your only option.

Ongoing Care

Both dehumidifiers and air purifiers require ongoing care to continue performing their jobs well. Air purifiers need to have their filter media changed periodically. New HEPA filters, activated charcoal filters, and UV light bulbs need to be installed every few months so that you can maintain consistent air quality. Dehumidifiers, on the other hand, need to be cleaned and inspected by a technician from Ken Parker Service, Inc. to ensure the refrigerant tubes are intact. For some portable dehumidifiers, you’ll need to physically empty the condensate receptacle when it’s full. For dehumidifiers routed to a drain, you’ll need to make sure that the drain is clear so that you don’t end up with leaks in your living area.

Professional Installation

As with any HVAC equipment, professional installation is key to long-term success with air purifiers and dehumidifiers. At Ken Parker Service, Inc., we can install all types of indoor comfort products with speed and professionalism. We also gladly take care of air conditioner maintenance, furnace installation, and a variety of other home improvement projects. Serving the North Central Texas area for over 45 years, our customers consistently leave us five-star reviews to thank us for our commitment to excellence. To learn more about keeping your home comfortable, contact us at Ken Parker Service, Inc. today.

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